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Private Training - 60min $75 per appointmentFrom $70 per visit with Foundational Training passNo purchase required to enroll

Nutrition Consultation $100 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll


Hybrid Group Fitness 1 visit freePlans available from $169

Price includes a one time drop-in class and shirt.

Primal BURN 1 visit freePlans available from $169

Primal Fit 1 visit freePlans available from $169

This class is a strength and conditioning class focused on functional foundational movements that are essential to everyday health and for building a strong base for movements that are more technical in ability such as olympic lifting. This class will be heavily focused on building strength and conditioning through learning the most important aspects of lifting such as bracing through the midsection in deadlifts, back squats, etc. Every class will be highly focused on education and learning how to progress from point A to point B in any specific lift by progressing through every lift's hierarchy. Programming will vary but will have a strength/skill portion followed by some metabolic conditioning.

Sip & Stretch 1 visit freePlans available from $169

Open Gym 1 visit freePlans available from $169


Weightlifting Clinic Purchase required to enroll

Gymnastics Clinic No purchase required to enroll